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Bowler is/was a design system I began building for a small events company in 2018. My previous role at Optus gave me some experience with Ractive.js, so naturally I wanted to continue learning and building on my knowledge of how modern frontend frameworks can be used to create smart, flexible design systems (à la Atomic Design in practice).

As you would expect this bolstered my skills both as a designer and developer, the end result being a wiki-like resource documenting the usage and style conventions for building small websites.

Sadly, since my departure from the company prevented Bowler from ever seeing production on more than one website the project remains only a fraction of what it set out to be. However, I recently revisited the original codebase, upgraded from Svelte v2 to v3 (which are significantly different), and redressed the visual style of the components to be a little more polished. You can view the Bowler Docs here (just be aware that they are outdated).

Bowler Colour page
Bowler pricing card page