Monic Clothing header image

Monic is a clothing brand inspired by 90s sport and fashion brand aesthetics. I founded the project with my brother, Mark, and we're launching our initial range in Summer 2019.

Being a personal venture I had some real freedom to explore the subject stylistically, and took the opportunity to push colour and form in to a nostalgic, though contemporary, place.

Monic logo development

The logo form is simple, but strong, and carries the identity of the brand in all sizes and applications. We needed a tidy, vaguely-sports-like icon with an accompanying typeface that's simple, classic but subtly playful.

Our initial range is set to include sunglasses, t-shirts, caps, beanies, patches, swim shorts, training shorts and casual womens denim shorts. Each product has technical specifications to be considered, factoring in material, stitching/seam placement, textiles, sublimation etc.

Monic sunglasses technical drawings
Monic sunglasses
Monic sunglasses